Most people are guilty of having decorating mistakes at homes that is not only costly but also time-consuming to correct. Perhaps your gut feeling is telling you that something is wrong but you’re afraid to do something about it. Maybe you really don’t have a knack for interior design and would rather have other people do the designing for yourself.

Certain modifications and improvements in your interior can have a significant impact in ways most people are not even aware of. That’s why it is very important to identify common but avoidable home decorating mistakes that will be discussed in this article.

Eye-catching but unpleasing furniture

People have different tastes and preferences; and most of the time what looks great to you might not be pleasing to eyes of others. You might say that “but I love it”, yes it might look spectacular, but your guests and family might not really like it especially if its uncomfortable. You might even find yourself admitting that what they say is true and you are just stubbornly keeping it because of your pride.

When choosing furniture, you need to consider not only its functionality but also its style and most of all it must be comfortable to use. Choosing a fashionable piece but awkward to use at is just a waste of money and time.

Excessive framed photos

Framed photos are one of the most common things found in any living room area. They serve as reminders to how much we value our family over anything else. However, putting excessive framed photos in any part of the house is not only an eye-sore but also adds clutter to the overall design of your home. This is especially visible and noticeable to interiors with minimalistic designs.

We understand that we all want to put up every significant event in our family’s lives in photo frames but doing so will easily fill up all the wall areas on house. Pick your favorites photos and designate a certain area in your house (living rooms are the best) that you can transform as a picture gallery. This way, if you want another framed photo installed, you can easily replace old ones with new updated pictures of your loved ones.

Disregarding the main entrance or foyer

First impression lasts, for better or for worse. This also true when welcoming guests and visitors in your house. The first thing that they are going to notice is your entrance or foyer. Most homeowners disregard this part of the house since less time is spent on staying it as compared to living rooms or bedrooms.

To improve the overall look of your foyer, put large rugs in front of your entrance with messages of your choice. You can also add colorful umbrella storage bins, rustic coat hangers, accent lightings and shoes stowage area. In decorating your main entrance, aesthetics should only be your second priority, functionality must always come first since they will only pass through this area.

Cluttered electrical cables

In any electrical appliances, cables wires and plugs are always present. Although useful, they are not very pretty to look at especially if they are cluttering in an outlet. Hiding them poses a real challenge to homeowners and it may not be practical and possible to just hide them beneath the wall.

Using plastic electrical molding is one of the easiest way to conceal electrical cables. Make sure that they are painted of the same color as your wall. Another effective way of doing this is to make use of walls art such as trees that hides the cables on its branches. Not only does this improve the overall beauty of your interior, it also eliminates the need to have plastic moldings running through your entire wall area.

Inappropriate lightings

This mistake is prevalent in dining rooms and kitchen areas. These areas in the house are activity extensive and should require adequate and correct lightings. General lightings should be installed in these areas to provide proper illumination when needed. Accent lightings should be reserved in relaxation areas of the house such as living rooms and entertainment areas. Having laser lights in your interior may look impressive but don’t install them on areas where you need to cook and eat your food.