The kitchen area is certainly the first thing most homeowners decides to remodel in their house. Remodeling the island countertops, repainting the cabinets, purchasing new furnishings and appliances or just as simple as replacing the cabinet knobs will definitely freshen up the atmosphere of your kitchen. Not only will this increase the reselling value of your property if you choose to sell it, it will also provide the homeowner with peace of mind in doing kitchen activities. In this article, we will have an overview on how to renovate your kitchen without putting a huge hole in your pockets. You can easily do these renovations on your own but it is highly recommended to have professional remodelers to do these activities for you.

Repainting the kitchen cabinets

This is the first thing that most homeowners come into mind when speaking of remodeling the kitchen. Repainting old and outdated kitchen cabinets is an inexpensive and effective way of giving your kitchen a nice facelift. Years of daily use will certainly take its toll on the overall appearance of your kitchen due to grease and grime accumulation and a good coat of paint will easily make it looking brand new.

Choose lightly colored paints in your kitchen area in shades of yellow, blue and green. Complement the color by painting your sidings and wall protectors with dark colored paints of the same shade as your base paints. Complementing the colors will have a soothing and calming effect on the room in contrast in choosing an opposite color in the color wheel which is best in living room and entertainment areas. The best type of paint to use in the kitchen area is matte. This paint will not make your furnishings shine but you can easily spot liquid stains and will have an easy time in cleaning them.

Adding a kitchen backsplash

One of the newest trends in kitchen remodeling is adding a kitchen backsplash. Rather than having a separate color or wallpaper to highlight the sink or stove area of your kitchen, installing a backsplash will certainly provide your kitchen with added character and elegance no paint color can match.

Essentially a backsplash is designed to protect the wall area of sink and stove from splashes, grime, stains and grease accumulation. Having a backsplash is a more attractive and quick option than having wallpapers and paint on this area. Glass, porcelain, stone, wood and vinyl are some of the most common and cheap material that you can choose in your backsplash. These materials area easy maintain especially glass where you can easily spot blemishes and clean them up.

Open shelving

Another popular update in new kitchen remodeling trends is having open shelving in your kitchen cabinets. Open kitchen designs themes will easily benefit from open shelving designs as it easily complements its overall design. Narrow and small kitchen design will easily benefit in having open shelving as it will give a feeling of having a larger than usual area. This cheap renovation will cost you very little as all you have to do is remove your cabinet doors and repaint/retouch the areas affected by the removal.

After this, purchase vibrant-colored mugs and plates and put them on the first row of your cabinet to add character and beauty on your cabinets. Having open kitchen shelving can also free up some areas in the kitchen where children are prone in running around. Transfer all breakable things atop your open shelving to prevent access from kids and avert possible accidents.

Under-cabinet lights

Lightings enhances the overall ambiance and atmosphere of your kitchen area but badly placed pendant or chandeliers can worsen them. Resorting to additional lamps in the kitchen is not only costly but also time-consuming to install. One of the best alternative to this is by installing under-cabinet lights.

Under-cabinet lights can easily be installed in any wall cabinets and will provide adequate lighting while you cook or prepare food for the family. Aside from this purpose, it can also add aesthetic value to your kitchen especially when used together with a dimmer. You can easily create a romantic dinner ambiance in your kitchen by doing this. Take note to be extra careful in dealing with this renovation and have professional electricians do the task for you.