When redesigning the interior design of your living room, what is the first thing that you consider in changing? Most people would choose room curtains. The impact of curtains in the overall design of your living room is very great especially if you have large windows since they are the first objects that sunlight hits when entering your house. Large and bright shades on your room curtains tend to draw more attention and would make the ambiance of the room brighter and lively. Room curtains that are of smaller size and lighter color have a more subtle and traditional effect that excellently blends with other colors and allows other features and furnishings in the room to take the center stage. These are just some of the effects room curtains have in your room; in this article, let’s take a deeper look on how to choose the best curtains for your living room.


Before looking for the best looking and luxurious room curtain for the living room area, you need to consider its functionality first and what it could provide your room. Would you want dark colored curtains that can effectively block sunlight during daytime? Or light colored window covering that lets sunlight pass through it to shine the room. Are you always picky on your curtains and want an easy process of changing them every now and then? Or would you rather have sturdier curtain rods that can withstand even the heaviest of the fabric? These questions can help in choosing the best curtain for your needs and would also help in deciding the appropriate fabric to be used, how many set of curtains should you install or would you want double rods for layering purposes.

Fabric and Curtain Styles

After identifying what kind of functionality suits best for your room curtains, the next thing to do is to choose the type of fabric for your coverings. Heavier fabrics works best in winter season as this also helps in improving the insulation of the room thereby retaining heat from within and reducing cold temperature from the outside. In contrast, lighter fabrics are ideal for hot summer season.

Heavy fabrics such as silk and velvet give off dramatic effects in the room and can make the room more formal. Silk in particular are best suited in classic and traditionally-designed rooms especially if they are pleated. Even though silk is a heavy fabric, it allows certain amount of light pass through. Velvet on the other hand is an expensive covering material and can give off a luxurious and splendid atmosphere in the room.

Fabrics made of light materials such as cotton and linen are best used in casually designed room. These fabrics can easily transform the living room into a more calm and relaxed appearance and also cheaper to purchase than other coverings. Cotton in particular is the most versatile of all curtain fabric not to mention much easier to clean than other materials. Cotton can also be used if you want to have a more formal approach in your living room design. This versatility is one of the reasons why this material is very popular in the market for room curtains.

There are also various curtain styles that you can choose from. Consider the design of your window in choosing the best options for your room curtain styles. For a classic and symmetrical design approach, having double panels on your curtains works wonders. For smaller spaces, single panels are highly recommended especially if you want to have a minimalistic styled design. Curtain valance are ideal if you want to have a romantic and traditional feeling in your room.

Color and Patterns

The color and pattern of your curtain can greatly affect the overall mood of your room. Neutral colors such as white, beige and ivory can easily blend with the main wall colors of your room. Striking color hues such as vivid blues, green and yellow provides drama and spectacle to the room if you want to make a bolder statement. Choose striped curtain designs if you want more privacy and light control in the room. There are many color combinations that you can choose from, pick what best compliments your overall room design.

Solid patterns for curtains works best if you have furniture and sofas that are already patterned to avoid an overly designed feeling of the room and balance out its ambiance. In contrast, printed or patterned room curtains can also greatly improve a dull and boring room. The key to choosing the right design and color relies on balance; never incorporate over-the-top designs at the same place at the same time. Moderation must always be considered in your choices of designs.