We are all guilty of committing huge interior design mistakes every now and then. Even people in Malta which are considered artistic in some way due to their rich culture in architectural design fall victim to numerous interior design blunders. Plastic covered sofa sets, crazy design bloopers of yesteryears, hideous color design combinations; these are some of the common décor errors that we can notice in most Maltese homes nowadays. Let’s discuss them one after another and also solutions on how to avoid them.

Minimalistic approach taken too literally

Minimalistic approach in interior design is very popular especially in small homes such as in Malta. The problem with this to some people is that it is taken way too seriously by not having anything displayed at all especially on living rooms areas. Minimalistic designs are all about making your interior orderly and organized; so unless you are on a budget you can have simple wall pictures or book shelves on that blank wall that accurately reflects your tastes and personality.

Unorganized, dust-collecting clutter

What’s worse than having empty, bare interior designs? Unorganized interior designs that clutter, collects dusts and clearly not taken care of. Most people are guilty of this act; we just collect whatever interests us at a certain moment, display them on our shelves and just forget about them. Take time to regularly sort out this your stuffs such as books, collectibles, figurines and other stuffs collected on your travels by organizing them in an orderly fashion. You can also install glass covers on your display cabinets to minimize the need to dust and clean them from time to time.

Too much glossiness

“All that glitters is gold”, this age old statement is very rampant in interior design that we sometimes forget that it really is not true. There are certain instances that having too much glossiness is very troublesome. In order to achieve near perfect glossiness in your stuffs and furniture, you need to constantly wipe them clean from time to time which can become a very tiresome chore. Minimize the use of fingerprint and dust prone glossy stuffs in your interior especially in kitchen areas where maintaining its cleanliness is already a difficult task to achieve. Choose matte surfaces on water prone areas to eliminate the need to constantly clean them to perfection.

Brown on almost everything

The Mediterranean country of Malta is famous for its neutral colors due to its traditional limestone houses. But this does not mean that choosing brown atop any vibrant color is the best choice for your interior. Choosing this color as your main palette for your interior will make your home very bland and boring as it is very common already outside. If you really wanted to incorporate this earth tone color on your interior design, try streamlining them on your wall linings and skirts and pair them with main light colors such as white, light green or silver. Brown is not entirely a bad color to choose but remember to not overdo and use them in color combination with light colors for a beautiful effect.

Overly designed room

Ever experienced walking into a supposedly elegant looking house and stumble into its interior to find out that its overly designed with lots of expensive, unusual, bizarre and impractical things? Buying expensive flashy things does not mean it will complement with your existing interior room design. There are times when having less design is the best design for your room; too much design will essentially drown out the lovely ambiance of your room. While it’s true that not everyone is born with the proficient skill and ability to balance the overall mood of the room depending on its function, you can always stay safe by reminding yourself that too much will never be good when it comes to home interior design.

Buying from the same store all the time

Almost everyone is guilty of this mistake; while its practical to purchase your furniture, beds, chairs and tables at the same store, this will limit your choices to one place only. There are certain stores that offer only to minimalistic designs and there are others who focus more on contemporary design. While it’s also good to have consistency on your chosen design, it’s much better to explore other areas of interior design that you are afraid to try because it might ruin your existing once. Feel free to mix and match different furniture from different stores and you will found out that the world of interior design is much bigger than you expected; feel free to explore.