Have you ever drooled over some beautiful and lovely interior room designs from a lifestyle magazine recently? If so, you are not alone on this one. Virtually everyone had on some point of their lives contemplate on the idea of living in some of the best professionally design interior makeovers that you can see on magazines; even the most disinterested individuals. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional that already own an good house or just a college student making his way up in the world, the level of comfort that you can appreciate on these interior designs can really pique your interest that you will begin to wonder “what if I live in one of these gorgeous homes?”. But considering the huge cost of having an entire home renovated and the amount of time it would take to materialize your dream house, here are 4 of the most common things to consider before starting this kind of project.

Personal style

Your style is one of the cues that you need to properly choose what kind of interior design makeover you really wanted. One of the best ways to do this is to go through your entire wardrobe and chosen furnishings. Your clothes, outfits and furniture choices will give you a good idea on what kind of design styles, colors and quality you are primarily drawn into. There are numerous professional interior designers that base their designs on the fashion taste of their customers. If you generally dress yourself with a formal blazer, shirt, slacks and leather shoes, you are probably a traditional and classic-styled person. Now if you are more inclined to wear a pair of trousers, a turtleneck and nice pair of sneakers this probably shows that you love contemporary designs.

Like your clothes, your choices of furniture can also provide you what kind of styles you prefer the most. A nightstand covered in mirrors and lights? You’d probably enjoy luxurious and dazzling designs. As you can see, what you wear and own is one of the best indicators of one’s personal style. You don’t need to look further and drown in contemplation on what kind of interior design suits your personality; you can always check yourself in the mirror.

Life stages

Another thing to consider in interior home designs is “what stage of life are you in now?”. This will be the foundation on how to properly start your interior design from the architecture of the room to the type of ceiling to the color of the paint to be used. If you already have kids of your own, you would want to have an interior design makeover that is ideal for a family-type setting. Having pets should also be considered in the overall design especially if you own multiple species of animals. If you are already in your retirement age, you would want to have a simpler and no-frills designs that would not complicate your everyday life.

Color mood enhancements

The distinct colors that you use in your interiors have a significant effect on your perception of your home. Blue and green hues are considered soothing and peaceful thereby making it ideal for rooms and living room areas. Red is bold and stimulating that is perfect for active rooms such as children’s play area and fitness room. Choose the best color based on what kind of message you want to convey on a room. Dramatic colors such as yellow, pink or neon green is best used as small accents that highly complements other natural and relaxing colors.

Your choice of color enhancements is highly affected by the quality of light that you install inside the room. Bright and harsh lightings is never appropriate for use inside the house. It creates a stark and bleak light that turns any color dull when hit by it. There are also many types of color temperature that is available in the market today such as warm white, cool white and daylight. Brightness or luminosity also plays a crucial factor in choosing the right lighting for your room. Task lighting are bright lights that are focused on a specific area that needs detailed worked such as a workshop or a study room. Indirect lighting cast a soft, secondary lightings that creates a quiet and serene mood in the room; ideal for living rooms and entertainment room.


Most of the time, maintenance of your interior designs is disregarded in the planning phase of your project. The homeowner is too excited to start the makeover he/she completely forgets that maintaining the designs should be considered. Glass-top coffee tables are great in bright-lighted rooms but easily attracts smudges and fingerprints. Wood furniture is great in traditional-styled rooms but needs polishing from time to time. Care and maintenance should always be included in your design choices so that it will last for a long time.