Rooftops, particularly in Malta, has since been utilized in various activities in the past such as drying clothes, breeding pigeons and also where children played and adults socialize. There were even people who slept on their roofs especially during hot summer months where the heat inside the house is unbearable to reside. Sadly, such activities have been on a steady decline nowadays because of the way new buildings are constructed for modern times. The surging popularity of penthouses in Malta has reduced the need to have living space atop the roofs. But for traditional Maltese houses, rooftops can have various utilitarian functions that any homeowner can enjoy. Check out these great ideas for rooftop renovations.

Rooftop gardens

Ever wanting to produce your own plants for consumption? Or just want to grow a nice, beautiful garden but don’t have a wide enough space? You can utilize the space on your rooftops as a roof garden. Aside from providing you with home-grown and organic crops, plants have a distinct ability to reduce the heat of its surroundings by absorbing sunlight. This is great in keeping houses cool in hot summer season and also provides fresh air for the occupants. There are many ways in doing your rooftop gardens. It is ideal if you grow crops that can sustain and survive the unpredictable and erratic climate of the Mediterranean. Indigenous plants that had already adapted to the local climate are highly recommended as it requires minimal maintenance.

Roof gazebos

One of the most popular structures in warm and tropical countries, gazebos not only provide shade and shelter to homeowners but also adds aesthetic value to your house. Rooftop gazebos are traditionally made out of wood. They can be made with the same wooden material as the house’s balconies. Painting them with bright colours can also be done to complement them with the house’s dull and whitish limestone facade. Insect screens can also be installed in the gazebos to prevent pesky insects from entering especially during summer season. For a semi-permanent set-up where you can easily remove them when not in use, temporary gazebos made from lightweight materials can be used. Gazebos are nice additions if you have existing rooftop gardens where you can enjoy and relax and also serves as a private getaway from all the limestone jungle of urban Malta.

Roof swimming pool

Swimming pools in Malta are traditionally placed in the ground level especially in the courtyard. But for people wanting to maximize the space of the rooftops, having a roof swimming pool is the best choice. Although at first glance, having a pool atop houses might seem difficult to do, modern techniques and materials had come a long way of solving this problem. The cost and maintenance of having a pool installed in your roof area is comparable to having a traditional pool in ground level as there will be no digging involved. The wide-angle view of the roof also adds to the beauty of pool in contrast to the confined spaces of the courtyard.

Rooftop barbeque area

For hot summer months in Malta, there is nothing perfect than having barbeque on the rooftops. A barbeque set does not consume much area in your rooftops so you can add other furniture such as long tables, wooden chairs, hammocks and recliners to improve your relaxation. A great addition to your barbeque area is a portable open tent where you can protect yourself from the blistering sun while you cook. Sit back on your comfortable chair and have yourself a cold beer while enjoying the scent of grilled meat in the middle of the Maltese summer.

Solar panels

For the more environment-conscious homeowners, installing solar panels atop the rooftops is the best choice. Not only will this save you a lot of money in the long run, it will also be beneficial to the environment. Although Malta is only using renewable energy at around 5 per cent, this is still a good step towards being an eco-friendly country given that commercial solar panels are still very new technology. The cost of having commercial solar panels has drastically dropped in recent times and they are already available in most hardware shops. Make use of Malta’s scorching sunlight using these solar panels and watch your electricity bill drop drastically.