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We believe that home is the most important place in the world. It’s where we spend our daily lives, where we rest our minds at night, and where we dream of returning when we’re away. It’s a place for loved ones to gather and create memories to share for generations.

“Home is where you live.” It’s more than a building: It’s the setting of your story.

Our family has been in business together for generations. It began with a passion for carpentry, one of the most traditional trades in the construction industry. The classic beauty ingrained in woodworking is timeless, and we have always been drawn to the possibility of crafting something valuable out of wood. We grew up in a household where both these pillars were firm and reliable. We started our own small carpentry factory in 2003. Its foundation was built on ethical enterprise and honoring the relationships amongst ourselves and our customers.

Of the many stories we have, we always respect the lessons they impart. We have weathered hardships that many businesses have faced, including the 2008 global economic crisis, which forced us to reinvent ourselves. We have learned the hard way that it isn’t easy to carve a successful business out of the rockiest soil. But if there’s anything that our legacy has taught us, it’s this: With enough stubborn grit and ambition, a firmly planted support system, and a never-ending cycle of positivity, we can overcome whatever obstacles lay in our path.

A new beginning:

In 2011, we decided to reinvent our business and move to Malta, one of Europe’s most culturally diverse countries, where our next chapter waited anxiously to be written. Energized by this promising momentum, we started working with a small gypsum installation team.

We knew we’d face the most roadblocks in our first year of reinvention, and we certainly did. In a brand new social environment, we had to develop new relationships and clientele, overcome obstacles that hindered us in the past, and make sure we were creating a financially stable base for the business. Yet we enthusiastically worked our way through that first year and faced the next few years with forward-thinking ambition. In 2014, we realized we were stable enough to continue building.

C1 – “All In House”:

We established MT REFURBISHING — a turnkey contracting company that values your time as much as you do.

From project management to customized craftsmanship and finishing touches, we see projects through to their polished completion. This includes all the works every step of the way: architectural design, plumbing, electricity, air conditioning, painting, and gypsum works, amongst other services. We also aim to keep the work within our company, without involving other companies for the majority of our projects.

Operating from the motto “All in House,” we believe you should spend your free time with your family, so we’re driven to take care of your home projects for you. We use our expertise to maximize what you can do within the space. We find modern, detail-oriented solutions for every budget, and we take a practical approach to meeting your needs. Our confidence in ensuring a fast and reliable service is based on years of hard work, dedicated passion, and shared success.

C2 – “We Continue Your Legacy”:

Each year since founding MT Refurbishing, our portfolio has grown tremendously. It’s inspired us to endeavor to achieve more for our clients. We realized that by welcoming our clients into our family business, we were establishing wonderful relationships that we genuinely care for. Likewise, we’ve deepened our roots in Malta, and we’re proud to be a part of the country’s transformation.

Enhancing this beautiful island and becoming a part of its identity is something we’re very passionate about. So, in 2018, we launched our second brand, MT ESTATE MANAGEMENT. We transform your property so that it reaches its absolute highest potential and generates a real estate value that gives you a reliable investment. Our team specializes in property appreciation, property accommodation, and condominium management. We continue your legacy by helping you cement a foundation that will last generations.

C3 – “We Build Stories”:

We’ve become driven to expand our business aspirations even more with the creation of HiRise Group to oversee MT Refurbishing and MT Estate Management.

We envision “Malta, the first option to future!”

Our main driver it’s our Mission: “to improve this region’s social environment while maintaining and conserving its cultural identity.”

We aim to carry on the legacy of our business by investing in other companies. Therefore we look forward to cultivating a future that serves your family, your home, and the beautiful culture of Malta.

At HiRise, we build stories, so let’s write together the next chapter!