Buying an unconverted and untouched Maltese house of character and turning it into very own home is a dream come true to almost any first-time buyer. It is very difficult to acquire a preserved house of character these days due to fierce competition on acquiring these properties and constant development in housing and real estate. Although not all houses are the same in terms of condition, there are many things that you must consider when buying an unconverted house of character. After all, you don’t want to have irreversible problems to happen while renovating, refurbishing or restoring your property.

Contractor and Estimate Costs

As first-timers, it is always highly recommended to have a contractor on site. Having someone with expertise on property development is always a good idea since this will lessen the problems and issues that might occur if you had done it yourself. It would also cost lesseras the contractor can suggest cheap but durable solutions to your needs.

The overall cost of acquiring your property and the cost of needed renovations must never be overlooked. It is better to acquire an untouched property as this will give you the freedom to renovate them to your taste and preference. Make sure that all the renovation works needed plus the cost of acquiring the house is within budget; this will ensure that you are not pricing out too much in your neighborhood.

Having a list of all renovations needed is always a good idea as this will keep things organized and keep you within your budget range and stick with it. Inspect what things that you can salvage when looking for a potential property and what things that you can opt to get rid of. Make sure that the contractor that you hired knows your needs and your budget so that they can adjust appropriately. Identify your wants and needs when renovating; prioritize the things that will have more function than just looking good. A livable and functioning house is better than having an overly designed house. When budgeting, consider worst case scenarios that you will not see such as electrical wirings and piping that are embedded inside the walls that you are considering in removing. If it’s out of the budget, don’t push for it; remember you can always purchase them in the near future, prioritize the most important things first.

Living room

The living room area will be where you and your family will spend the time most. Renovating the living room area is very easy as compared to other areas in the house. Comfort and relaxation must the top priority when it comes to living rooms; having a comfortable sofa, entertainment sets, good shelving appliance, beautiful curtains and sufficient lighting are some of the most common things that you can purchase for your living room. If you don’t like your living room flooring but are already out-of-budget, consider having a large carpet instead as this will cover any imperfections on the floor easily and won’t put an additional hole in your pockets.


Another area in your house that is very easy to remodel and renovate is the bedroom area. Like the living room, being comfortable and relaxed is a must in your bedroom as this where you will rest after a good day’s work. Installing expensive furnishings or removal of any structural object is often not required in remodeling a bedroom area. Sometimes a simple deep cleaning and little surface work is all that is needed to have a good bedroom.

Organize your things and remove unneeded stuffs that are cluttering up your space. Unused clothing, shoes and other personal stuffs that you don’t use can be removed and put aside to clear up space in your room. If you have a small bedroom, it is always a good idea to purchase furniture that fits in any space in your room. Large, over-the-top cabinets or fixtures is not a good idea as this will take up valuable space that can otherwise go to other things.

Painting is one of the easiest and cheapest way in improving the overall looks and feel of your bedroom. Choose light colored paints for your bedroom as this can easily promote relaxation and would also make your bedroom look larger than it seems to be. After painting the room, hang and display works of art that mean something to you; it needs not to be expensive and grandiose, you just need to make sure that it complements the room quite well.