Interior painting is one of the most inexpensive and quick ways to improve the overall atmosphere of your rooms. If you are opting in selling your house, a brand-new interior and exterior painting will make your property more saleable to the public. In this two-part article, we will discuss how to properly select the right color, type and polish of your paint for your house.

Types of paints

Aside from the wide variety of colors available, paints also come in either latex-based or oil-based finishes. Latex-based paints are the most preferred type of the two because of its simplicity, ease of use and durability. Latex paint is also more resistant to fading and less blistering since it breathes better than oil-based paints. This type of paint is ideal to be used in most walls of the house.

On the other hand, oil-based paints are best suited in priming real wooden boards, moldings and other wood-based furniture. The inherent stain from the wood can easily be sealed using this kind of paint. Although the drying time is longer as compared to latex, oil-based finishes tend to look more beautiful on wood than latex.

Kinds of polishes

The final polish of the paint also plays a key role in ensuring the best output of your interior paintings. The most common paint polish is gloss; this sheen is very easy to clean because of its shiny nature. An entire wall can easily be cleaned using only water, mild soap and sponge. Because of its inherent shininess, imperfections and flaws on your wall will become more apparent and evident when painted gloss. Gloss paint is ideal to be used in high-traffic rooms and prone to spillage areas.

For kitchens and bathroom areas that needs to be cleaned often but not too shiny, semi-gloss paint finishes can be utilized. These areas in the house are prone to water and the wet-like appearance of gloss finishes will certainly be a turn-off to homeowners. Semi-gloss paints are also cheaper than gloss finish and an ideal choice for budget-constrained renovators.

Nothing is perfect; and that also holds true to interior home designs. Even with utmost planning and consideration, your wall interiors, ceilings and partitions will certainly have lots of imperfections when constructed. Good thing you can hide these flaws with the use of matte paint finish. A single coat of this kind of paint will usually be enough to cover and conceal the imperfections and defects of any surface. However, its major drawback is that it difficult to clean and tends to easily attract fingerprints and dirt particles. One of the most popular matte finishes is eggshell; it is easier to wash and can hide even the most obvious surface defects.

Paint colors

Selecting the best color for your interior rooms can become overwhelming as there are hundreds of distinct colors scheme to choose from. To overcome this, you can go to your nearest local paint store and take a look at their brochures for references. These brochures also show different color combinations that was used in various home renovation projects in your locality. Talking directly to the salesperson can also be helpful as they can assist you in choosing the best shades for your interior room designs. If you are opting to sell your house, it is highly recommended to choose light color shades or white for your walls. This will make your house more saleable since this will allow the buyer to easily cover it with their own color of choice.

For a more specific approach in choosing paint colors, you can make use of the color wheel. We all know that the three primary colors are red, yellow and blue. A combination of any of these primary colors will create secondary colors. Colors that are near each other in the color wheel are considered comparable to each other and will make one of the colors to stand out more. Opposite colors combination will complement each other nicely specially if you want the two colors to stand out equally. For subtle and soothing look, the same shades of color are the best choice. Cool colors such as blues and greens can also make the interior appear roomier. For a more vibrant and lively feel, choose bright colors such as reds, oranges and yellows.